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Investment Opportunities

Whisper Auctions is the new destination for international investors. Buy and sell the world's most exclusive luxury real estate, including off-market, in the most confidential way.

Aerial photo of estate in Kapellen, Belgium.
Flag of Morocco with the red in the flag depicted as fractured earth to visualize the earthquake

Whisper Auctions is delighted to announce our commitment to assist in Moroccan-led recovery following last month's tragic earthquake.

We're donating our first auction's proceeds to aid those hit by last month's earthquake. We believe in giving back, especially during crises. Your participation directly helps this noble cause, significantly impacting those affected. Thank you for joining us in supporting the path to recovery.

Villa London (Kensington Palace Garden) UK

Private Sales


Villa (Kensington Palace Garden) - London, UK

Hotel Leipzig Kyiv

Private Sales

Kyiv - Ukraine

Kyiv Leipzig Hotel. Investment Suite. Price on Request

How to sell

Our tailor-made marketing is based on market knowledge, years of experience and an extensive network of contacts.

Aerial photo of estate garden in Kapellen, Belgium.

Private Sales

Kapellen - Belgium

Estate, 1,000 m². Price on Request.

St. Tropez Harbour

Private Sales

St Tropez - France

House 475 m². Price on Request.

Poelkapelle Equestrain Facility

Private Sales

Poelkapelle - Belgium

Equestrain Facility, 10 ha. Price on Request.

Interior Villa Aurora Rome Italy

Private Sales

Rome - Italy

11 beds, 10 baths, 40 rooms, 2,200 m².

Frescos of Caravaggio, Zuccari, Guercino

Private Sales Gstaad - Switzerland

Private Sales


Gstaad - Switzerland

Chalet, 1200 m².

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