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About Whisper Auctions

Whisper Auctions is a specialized firm founded by Ignace Meuwissen, Mohammad Zahoor, and Naomi El Haimer, focusing on staging tailored off-market exceptional real estate auctions starting at Є 2.5 M. The company's approach caters to affluent clients primarily from Eastern Europe and Central and East Asia.

Ignace Meuwissen, a prominent consultant, brings his expertise in safe houses and strategic relocations to the table, which is instrumental in handling unique and high-value transactions. Mohammad Zahoor, as a Ukrainian oligarch, likely contributes his extensive network and insights into the preferences of high-net-worth individuals from the region. Naomi El Haimer's specialization in staging further enhances the team's ability to present properties appealingly.

About Us


Whisper Auctions distinguishes itself through personalized marketing and bespoke databases, showcasing expertise in market dynamics and a dedication to tailored solutions with close bidding systems. This unique approach positions us as a premier luxury real estate auction provider, serving discerning clientele with precision and sophistication.


Drawing from 25 years of experience, extensive contacts, and a profound understanding of human behavior, our marketing strategy transcends traditional advertising. We leverage unconventional avenues such as coffee table books, crafted to the highest industry standards by our esteemed partners.


These communication tools resonate with our clientele, reflecting their lifestyle and ensuring effortless recognition of our brand.

Interior in villa in red colors


Naomi El Haimer has extensive experience with her team in specialized staging techniques for showcased exceptional real estate. Regardless of the property type, she adeptly transforms it using staging techniques to maximize convenience and appeal.

Staging plays a crucial role in expediting sales and optimizing property value. To maintain the unique identity of each property, a meticulously crafted, distinct concept is applied to every listing.

Portrait of Naomi el Haimer
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