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Sold at Auction: Karl Lagerfeld's Paris Apartment Fetches €10 Million, Nearly Double Its List Price!

Updated: Apr 13

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld's Paris apartment has been sold for €10 million. The futuristic residence is located along the Seine River in central Paris, with views of the Louvre. Situated on Quai Voltaire in the city’s 7th arrondissement, the 260 m2 third-floor apartment comprising three rooms sold for nearly double its initial price of €5.3 million.

Despite being housed in a 17th-century building, the apartment boasts an ultra-modern design. Described in the listing as having an "avant-garde style" with "clean and organic lines," the apartment features spacious, well-lit rooms with polished grey floors. A large room is adorned with floor-to-ceiling shelving units, and a generous dressing room reflects Lagerfeld's renowned sense of luxury and style. Karl Lagerfeld, best known for his role as creative director of Chanel from 1983 until his passing in 2019, was celebrated for his exquisite taste in homes.

The recently published book "Karl Lagerfeld: A Life in Houses" unveils the designer's meticulously curated "high luxury" lifestyle, showcasing 13 of his properties across Europe, including Paris, Monte Carlo, Rome, and Hamburg. Fashion writer Patrick Mauriès, who introduced the book, highlights Lagerfeld's diverse design aesthetics, from antique interiors to ultra-modern spaces, reflecting a unique and ever-evolving sense of decoration across his properties.



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