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Our marketing, crafted with meticulous detail, serves as a collector's item coffee table book for our potential clients, embodying sophistication and allure.

Updated: Apr 13

Ignace Meuwissen's reputation extends far beyond marketing expertise; it encompasses the creation of exquisite coffee table books. Collaborations with teNeues publishing, including Living in Style in Morocco, Best Places to Rent, Home, and others, alongside partnerships with iconic brands like Ferrari and participation in events like The Gumball Race, have resulted in visually stunning works that captivate global audiences.

With his upcoming book, Ignace continues to uphold his high standards alongside esteemed publishers such as Taschen and Assouline. Printed and bound with meticulous craftsmanship in Italy, his next book is revered as a collector's item by our clientele, reflecting their discerning appreciation for quality.

Limited to just 1,200 copies, the coffee table books will be personally couriered to select clients, with some receiving them in person for added personalized service. Confidentiality is paramount; the book will not be publicly sold, ensuring exclusivity and enhancing its allure among our esteemed clientele. Pioneering the fusion of luxury real estate, lifestyle, and collectibles, it caters precisely to our discerning audience, valued at €1000 per coffee table book. Coming soon!



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